Five Reasons Danica Patrick Must Be Removed As Host Of The ESPY Awards

#5 lackluster stat sheet.

Going back to that online petition that was mentioned earlier, one of the main things cited on the document is her lack of success as a racer. In fact, the petition even calls into question her win at Motegi in 2008, which the petitioners claim was a result of a reduced field. The petition also mentions that she has not been successful in your sports endeavors and hinted at the fact that her stats in NASCAR were equally unsatisfying to meet the requirement to host The Espy’s

While the idea of sports fans determining the level of success in sports that allows you to host The ESPY’s is a little ridiculous, they do have a good point that Patrick’s stat record hasn’t been that great over the course of her career. With that being said however, she has been successful as a marketing ploy by both NASCAR and Indycar, which is at least some reason why she should host.

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