Five Reasons Chase Elliott’s Win At Dover Was A Complete Fluke

#3 Chase Elliott versus Denny Hamlin storyline

NASCAR made it a point to talk up the fact that Chase Elliott beat Denny Hamlin to win the race and while beating anyone is an accomplishment, NASCAR is trying to act like it means something more since its Hamlin. They are also trying to make it almost seem like a coming full circle kind of moment, but that’s not exactly true.

In fact, the biggest difference between Sunday’s race at Dover and last year’s fall race at Martinsville, is that both of them were in the playoffs at the time. While Elliott is still in contention for the championship this time around, Hamlin was eliminated last week at The Charlotte Roval and would have gained next to nothing for the win.

Another difference between the two events is that the first one resulted in an on track altercation and the other one was just simply putting the after burner’s on Hamlin and driving away from the field In the end, this might not render the win meaningless for everyone, but its not this kind of revenge moment that NASCAR is trying to paint it as.

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