Five Reasons Chase Elliott Has No Chance Of Winning The 2018 Championship

#5 Manufacturer disadvantage.

Its no secret that Chevrolet has been at a mass disadvantage throughout the 2018 season and while things have looked up  after three wins by Chase Elliott, its still no where near what The Fords and The Toyota’s are capable of right now. In fact, with Elliott the only remaining Chevrolet in the final eight, its not even a guarantee that a Chevy makes the final four field

With that in mind and the top three contenders all consisting of either Ford’s or Toyota’s, its really far reaching to think that Chevrolet is just instantly going to be able to turn around their misfortune and come up on top at Homeastead. In the end, its up to fans on what to believe, but it seems at least statistically accurate that Fords and Toyota’s have the advantage here.

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