Five Reasons Chase Elliott Has No Chance Of Winning The 2018 Championship


Is Chase Elliott the man to beat for Monster Energy Cup Series title?

While a lot of people will try to make you believe so at all costs, especially since its a much more enticing narrative then that of one of the big three winning the title, but these claims don’t hold up statically or momentum wise. Of course momentum can always change and surprises can always happen, but it seems like too much wishful thinking right now.

That’s not to say that Chase Elliott isn’t an immense talent and probably even a first ballot hall of famer, but he doesn’t have all the tools right now to win the championship just yet. Again, that doesn’t mean he can’t accomplish it sometime later, its just that this seasons trends and a couple of other things don’t really point to that being the case.

With that being said and Championship weekend almost upon us, here are five reasons why Chase Elliott isn’t the man to beat for Monster Energy Cup Series title in 2018. As always let us know your thoughts in the comments below and also be sure to tell us what you think the final result will be when all is said and done in Miami.

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