Five Reasons A Lot Of NASCAR Fans Hate Dale Earnhardt

#1 How much he was covered.

Lets be honest here. There are only three drivers in NASCAR history that are known by the general public and those are Dale Earnhardt,  Jimmie Johnson , Jeff Gordon and Richard Petty Petty. Of course NASCAR tried multiple other times to make their drivers into household names, but those are the only ones who achieved that particular  mark.

Unfortunately for fans of other drivers, they were criminally under covered compared to Dale Earnhardt. Maybe a few drivers were able to give him a run for his money over the years, including drivers like Dale Jr, Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon, but there still aren’t many drivers that can even hold a candle to Earnhardt in that regard.

In the end, these might sound like petty reasons to hate a man like Dale Earnhardt, especially after his untimely death in The 2001 Daytona 500,  but they they were still valid reasons at the time. Furthermore, other drivers were disliked and even hated by fans in the same way that Earnhardt was, which means its just a NASCAR tradition.

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