Five Races Dale Earnhardt Jr Might Come Out Of Retirement For In 2018

#1 Camping World Truck Series Race at Eldora

Dale Earnhardt Jr competing in a dirt track race.

Not only would it be a throwback to his, his fathers and his grandfathers legacies, it would also allow NASCAR to give fans a once in a lifetime experience on the same level of John Cena versus The Rock in WWE. In fact, its hard to argue that the moment wouldn’t cement NASCAR racing at Eldora in the history books, it also may open the door to Cup Series and Xfinity Series races being run their as well.

As disillusioned as that might sound, an endorsement from Dale Earnhardt¬† Jr after a race at Eldora, could be enough to get NASCAR off their butts and into action on making the historic races actually happen. NASCAR might be so deaf that they don’t listen to their own fanbase half of the time, but they would definitely perk their ears up if they had their most popular driver wanting a race somewhere.

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