Five Races Dale Earnhardt Jr Might Come Out Of Retirement For In 2018

#3 Spring Xfinity Race At Bristol

Its Bristol baby!

Sure, Dale Earnhardt Jr only won twice at Bristol during his career, but that doesn’t mean that fans wouldn’t pack The Last great coliseum if it means they get to see their guy race one more time.  Of course that can probably be used as an argument for any track that Jr decides to come out of retirement for, but there are a lot of other benefits to him doing a comeback at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Not only would it be a great place for Dale Jr,  to mix it up with the young guns that are trying to rise up the ranks, especially with JR  Motorsports equipment under his hood, it could also llead to a memorable moment if short track tempers come into play. In the end, it would be truly fun to see Dale Earnhardt Jr race at Bristol one more time and hopefully he actually decides to do it one day.

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