Five Problems With The NASCAR On NBC Schedule That Fans Need To Know About

#1 Lackluster opener.

If nothing else, each networks television debut is very important and so is the race the debut is taking place at. While both Fox  Sports and NBC have had the Daytona race start out their respective television schedules each year, this time that spot will be occupied by a Sunday afternoon race at Chicagoland Speedway.

Not only is that one of the worst tracks for NBC to debut on, especially since it lacks the chaotic element that exists at Daytona International  Speedway, it is also one of the races where drivers tend to pull away from the field and dominate the race. While NASCAR will eventually have to rectify races like that and make them more competitive, now isn’t the time to do that.

In the end, NASCAR on NBC really needed to come out of the gate with something this year and will ultimatley fail to do with the first race being at Chicagoland. Maybe viewers will wait and consider the race at Daytona the real opener of NASCAR on NBC this season, but for  first time fans hoping to be wowed by the first race of the television schedule, there won’t be much there.










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