Five Problems With The NASCAR On NBC Schedule That Fans Need To Know About

#3 Watkins Glen Getting Put on the main channel.

Road racing may be a fan favorite in NASCAR, but that doesn’t always translate into bringing in new viewers. In fact, its probably not something that is going to catch the average viewers attention, which means it would be a waste of time in one of the main network slots. Unfortunately for NASCAR,¬† that is exactly what they are saddled with this year.

Again, Watkins Glen isn’t a bad race and is a fan favorite for many reasons, but it wouldn’t compare in terms of action to races like Martinsville, Bristol and Indianapolis, which would be far more deserving in the slot. In the end, it just doesn’t seem like the right idea for NASCAR¬† and NBC if they want to bring in fans and should look towards another race to put on the main channel.

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