Five Problems With The NASCAR On NBC Schedule That Fans Need To Know About

#4 First playoff race not on main channel.

Another race that should be broadcast on the main channel due to prestiege alone is The Brickyard 400, but NBC couldn’t even do that. Indycar is big enough that they get coverage yearly on ABC, but NASCAR can’t even get a day on NBC? Why can’t they move both of these races to a Saturday and just play it over College football?

Or maybe even have the races take place on Friday night as a specialĀ  treat for NASCAR fans. Not only does that allow for NFL and NCAA to air at their respective times, but NASCAR can still maintain some of their dignity by having the race on a main channel and at a prime time slot as well.

In the end, maybe its a little too idealistic and not logistically possible, but it would be a great way to give NASCAR more of the respect it deserved here. It would also give NASCAR a chance to pull in some viewers in the process, which they desperately need right now.

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