Five Problems With Chase Elliott’s First Win That NASCAR Fans Can’t Ignore

#3 Fuel played a factor

Let’s be honest here.

The only reason Chase Elliott won this race was thanks to the fact that Martin Truex Jr ran out of gas in the final turns of the track. If Truex Jr didn’t run out of fuel in the final moments of the race, his car almost certainly could have caught and passed Elliott. In fact, with Elliott messing up a few turns on the track on the final lap, the result would be almost obvious.

In the end, Chase Elliott ran one hell of a race and certainly deserves this win, but one has to realize how different the results would be if a few things had gone differently. Of course that could probably be true for any race ending of this nature, but fans still need to understand that this ins’t the same as going out, dominating a race and running away from the field to capture victory.

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