Five Problems With Chase Elliott’s First Win That NASCAR Fans Can’t Ignore

#4 The mistake

Chase Elliott fans are going to be quick to point out that Chase Elliott held off a defending series champion to capture his first win, but probably aren’t going to want to mention the mistake he made on the final lap of the race, which caused him to wheel hop a turn and blow out a gear in the process.

Fortunately for Elliott, Truex Jr was fighting a loose racecar at that point and lost a lot of ground on Elliott as the two battled for the victory. With that in mind and Truex Jr not having his car the way he needed it to take on Elliott, the win has more to do with the superior setup that Elliott’s car had and not on Elliott’s driving himself.

In fact, Elliott’s wheel hope and blown gear is proof that he was on the verge of pissing the bed once again. Of course it didn’t end up working out that way and Elliott was able to catch a lucky break to secure his first win, but how different would the outcome have been if Elliott didn’t have the other factors at play?

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