Five Problems NASCAR Desperately Needs To Fix Before They Ruin The 2018 Season

#1 Find a new favorite

While losing NASCAR greats like Jeff Gordon, Carl Edwards, Tony Stewart and many others were huge gut punches to the sport, the knockout punch had to be when Dale Earnhardt Jr announced that he too would be hanging up his drivers helmet as well. The rampant string of retirements also comes at a time when the sport is going through rampant changes, which only makes fans more skeptical about actually giving it a chance.

With that in mind, NASCAR needs to choose a favorite, or better yet, a group of favorites in order to move the sport forward into its new era. This needs to be people Chase Elliott, Ryan Blaney, William Byron, Austin Dillon, Kyle Larson, Daniel Saurez and anyone else that has the personality to help drive the sport and bring in fresh new faces along the way.

In the end, its pretty much a marketing gimmick at this point and NASCAR needs to sell its fans on the future. How they decide to do this is up to them, but hopefully they avoid getting biased towards one or two guys or even worse, put an undeserved amount of time behind the wrong drivers time after time.

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