Five Problems NASCAR Desperately Needs To Fix Before They Ruin The 2018 Season

#3 Cup series drivers racing in lower tier series.

While its sometimes fun from to see when your a fan attending a Saturday afternoon Xfinity Series race, its a lot of the times boring for fans at home to see the same Cup Series drivers beat regulars week after week. Of course NASCAR tried to put a stop to this limiting the amount of races that a Cup Series driver can participate in, but this has created a negative impact due to the fact that Cup Series drivers don’t feel welcomed there anymore.

Unfortunately for NASCAR, this has caused big name sponsors to back out of deals with Xfiniy Series teams because they don’t want to take a chance on unproven talent. NASCAR could alleviate thing effect by changing the rules and increasing the amount of races that a Cup driver can compete it, but it can’t be to a point where they outright dominate throughout the season.

its a delicate balance and needs to be handled carefully by NASCAR as they move forward. With that being said, hopefully they find a balance between excitement and fairness and are able to satisfy both sides. In fact, maybe NASCAR can create separation between the two three series and make each one a unique experience for NASCAR fans to witness.

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