Five Problems NASCAR Desperately Needs To Fix Before They Ruin The 2018 Season

#4 Stage racing.

In what has to be the epitomy of the gold star of effort award, NASCAR introduced stage racing a t the start of the 2018 season. Although the idea of stage racing became a huge talking point during the preseason hype and even persisted throughout the playoffs, the idea was plagued by the fact that the segments weren’t created in a way that would benefit the sport.

The problem here Is that NASCAR’s segments are way too long and doesn’t coincide with the feel that they are trying to create around the sport. If NASCAR which was smart, they would increase the number of segments and decrease the number of laps in each segment. Not only would doing this be a perfect way to create more side by side racing and intense dueling during restarts, it can also be heighten with the right incentive as well.

For example, imagine if NASCAR broke The Daytona 500 into three qualifying races, of 25 laps each  and then a 75 lap shootout to end the race. Drivers would have to qualify for the races in the first three rounds and the drivers that do that would be rewarded with a chance to race for the victory and points. NASCAR could even switch up the format and have ten or more segments instead.

This would allow for nine to ten  action packed segments of 15 lap shootouts to determine who would compete in the final showdown. NASCAR could even take the winner and runner up from each segment and give them a guaranteed spot and an upfront position in the final segment. NASCAR could then do a two stage, each consisting of 50 laps to determine the winner.

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