Five Problems NASCAR Desperately Needs To Fix Before They Ruin The 2018 Season

#5 Network bias.

While commentary is is a crucial part of the race day experience  for NASCAR fans, it is sometimes challenging to sit through when you notice that certain Networks have certain biases towards specific drivers. Even worse, sometimes the networks have the same biases, which only create a bland and unimaginative experience for fans that are watching.

For example, NASCAR on Fox has had a propinquity for talking about Dale Earnhardt Jr throughout his entire 17 year Cup Series career and while a lot of people enjoyed it, fans of other drivers probably got tired of hearing The Fox Sports be so biased towards the popular driver. Then there’s NASCAR on NBC, which seems to focus more on Toyota and drivers not associated with Team Chevy.

Sure, they will cover the story if it presents itself and makes itself a story, but they keep their attention transfixed on their favorite talents. NASCAR on Fox does the exact same thing, but with a different set of drivers. In the end, i guess its nice to get a little bit different of a perspective when switching between the two Networks,but its by no mean an exactly enjoyable experience either.

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