Five Problems NASCAR Desperately Needs To Fix Before They Ruin The 2018 Season



We all have our problems.

Unfortunately for the sport of NASCAR, they have a countless number of problems right now while some probably will continue to watch races despite this, others are tired of giving the sport their time and feel to cheated by it to return for another season. With that being said and the season already fast approaching( at least in mind), here are five things they need to fix before the first lap of practice takes place in February.

This list of problems will vary from person to person and these are only things we have personally observed. Nonetheless these are also issues that we believe need to be fixed before the start of the season unfolds. If not, NASCAR is only going to risk falling further and further into obscurity by  alienating their longtime fans, but  failing to appeal to new fans as well.

In the end, no real fans want to see the sports demise and hopefully that will drive them to encouraging NASCAR to fix some of these overlying issues. Keep in mind that the first step in all this would be getting NASCAR to admit these problems and not to expect change right away. in fact, it could take a year if not years for NASCAR to fix these problem, but the point here is progress needs to be made!

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