Daniel Bryan,

Five Popular WWE Superstars That Are Rumored To Have Backstage Heat

Daniel Bryan,
Did Daniel Bryan make a mistake during The Smackdown Live gauntlet match.


Don’t piss off your boss

While that is sometimes difficult to accomplish no matter what business you are in, it sometimes becomes a whole new level of difficult when it comes to WWE. In fact, it seems like WWE management could literally go off on someone over anything, which means that the superstars , and others are always walking on egg shells.

With that being said, who might be in WWE’s dog house right now and why? Furthermore, what does it mean for the rest of that WWE superstars future with the company? Is it something that the superstar in question can survive and get back into the boss’s good graces, or are they doomed to be blacklisted by the boss for good.

While its impossible to know for sure who is exactly on the boss’s you know what list, it is possible to take an educated guess based on a superstars previous actions, their current spot on the roster and other relevant factors. As always let us know your thoughts in the comments below and enjoy our list of five popular superstars that are rumored to have heat with WWE right now.

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