Five Popular NASCAR Drivers That Give The Sport A Bad Name

#2 Dale Earnhardt Jr

Are you surprised by this pick?

Don’t be! Not only was Dale Earnhardt Jr almost as overrated as Danica Patrick, he also accepted the rule of a crutch for the sport o after his father died in the 2001 Daytona 500. While that was fine of him to do in the beginning, especially since his career was just about to take off, he should have stepped aside once he realized that he wasn’t the second coming of his father.

Of course no one probably wants to hear this and Dale Jr fans will be enraged by the idea of questioning their messiah, but the stat sheet unequivocally proves that Dale Jr was not what he was advertised to be. That isn’t exactly his fault or should he be blamed for it, but continuing¬† to accept the media attention after not deserving it for so was just sickening to watch.

In the end, Dale Jr did a lot of things over the course of his career for NASCAR and continues to do them after his retirement in 2017, but he could have done so much more if he had stepped away earlier. Not only could him stepping aside sooner have given NASCAR the chance to develop younger stars and give them the attention they deserve, but also drove many fans off from the sport in the process.

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