Five Popular NASCAR Drivers That Give The Sport A Bad Name

#3 Juan Pablo Montoya.

There are few drivers that have achieved the level of stupidity that Montoya did when he accidentally set Daytona International Speedway. Montoya came to pit road late in the race to make some adjustments to his car, but still seemed to have a problem with it. He then fought the car off pit road and tried to catch up to the rest of the field for the restart.

Unfortunately for Montoya, he was still battling a loose race car and ended up spinning up the track and into a jet dryer. The jet dryer and Montoya’s car then caught on fire and the flame reached all the way down one turn of the track. Montoya and the driver of the jet dryer were some how able to avoid injuries, but it was a hugely embarrassing moment for the sport, especially during their biggest race of the year.

In the end, Montoya’s actions were innocent enough and its not like he did this with an ill intentions, but the incident was repeatedly played for laughs by the mainstream media and regarded by the public as dumb hicks doing dumb hick things. Think about it! The biggest race of the year is reduced to a laughing stock all because of one driver that couldn’t control his car.

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