Five Popular NASCAR Drivers That Give The Sport A Bad Name

#4 Danica Patrick

There are quite a few reasons why Danica Patrick belongs on this list, but the most obvious should be the fact that he was an over hyped marketing machine and did next to nothing for the sport of NASCAR. She also continued to fill a Cup Series seat without any actual talent to deserve having the seat in the first place.

Danica Patrick wasn’t just over hyped and unskilled behind the wheel of a stock car, she also sometimes had a bad attitude with fans that came to see her race. One time she got into a argument with a fan during practice at Pocono, where she was video taped¬† claiming that she wasn’t here to sign autographs.

While its understandable that Patrick would want to get back to her race car and try to make the best out of a bad situation,¬† she shouldn’t have acted so snobby about it. Its like she was just openly saying that she wasn’t there for the fans, but to race and make money off of her career. Of course there’s nothing wrong with wanting that, but she hurt the sport of NASCAR in the process.

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