Five Popular NASCAR Drivers That Give The Sport A Bad Name

#5 Denny Hamlin for statements on drugging.

Denny Hamlin made headlines during Speedweeks at Daytona, but they weren’t exactly one to be proud of. Hamlin made the headlines by claiming that NASCAR drivers used prescription drugs to gain a competitive advantage on the track. Hamlin was later asked about the incident and said he was kidding, but NASCAR still issued a statement about their drug policy to make sure that people knew where they stood.

What is bothersome here is that if this was any other sport, there would beĀ  an investigation and the person would be suspended. With that being said and the serious stance that NASCAR supposedly make on drugs in the sport, why didn’t they suspend Hamlin for his comments and instantly drug test all the drivers

Another problem with what he said is the fact that he said it days before The Daytona 500, which is supposed to be the sports biggest race. In the end, it was bad publicity for NASCAR and it was definitely bad publicity for their biggest race of the year.

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