Five People Who Will Be Negatively Affected By The France Family Selling NASCAR


According to a sources familiar with the situation, The France family is working with investment firm, Goldman Sachs to shop around for a potential person to purchase a majority stake in NASCAR. The news comes after multiple seasons of declining television ratings, dwindling attendance and an overall feeling of betrayal for longtime fans.

The source, who had asked not to be named due to the confidentiality of the matter, claimed that media company’s could have a lot of interest in acquiring the sport and it might even be worth billions of dollars. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen and will be highly dependent in the value that the potential buyer sees in NASCAR, but it will definitely be interesting to watch.

“In a time period that is attractive for live event and live entertainment, NASCAR has struggled,” said Rich Greenfield, an analyst with BTIG. “There is absolutely a desire to own rather than license content but everything has a price.”

With that being said, if NASCAR does indeed sell a majority stake in their company, it will send shockwaves throughout the sport and could affect a lot of people negatively. In fact, here are five people that stand to be negatively affected the most if NASCAR is somehow able to ink a deal to sell the sport.

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