Five People That Will Benefit From The France Family Selling NASCAR

#2 The France family.

Its no secret that NASCAR has fallen from grace over the years, but a lot of people believe that fall has a lot to do with Brian France and the younger generation of The France Family. While older members of the family are responsible for The Daytona 500 becoming a house hold name and create one of the most magical experiences in sports history, there are others that didn’t so well.

From the implementation of the new points system in 2014, to the stage racing that has been getting less and less popular since its debut, there are a lot of things that Brian France have done to the sport to piss off longtime fans. With that being said however, its his lack of involvement the sport right now that is angering everyone most.

France also made headlines at the end of last season for barley giving Martin Truex Jr the time of day when he walked up to accept his trophy for winning The 2017 Cup Series championship, which was another sign that Brian France had next to zero interest in the sport anymore. With that being said, this may be the evidence that shows what his intentions are regarding the rumors.

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