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Denny Hamlin goes on epic Twitter rant after Bubba Wallace Jr’s Adderal comment.

Denny Hamlin used to be one of those drivers that NASCAR fans just ignored.

Sure, The Joe Gibbs Racing driver managed to pull out some pretty convincing victories throughout his Cup Series career, but he was never able to reach that upper echelon that many of his fellow drivers have. Not only that, he also didn’t really have the kind of personality that could help bring the sport into the next era and was thus not liked by a lot of fans.

Of course that’s not really his fault, especially since he is paid to driver race cars and not to please fans ,but its pretty safe to say that he has had a rocky relationship with NASCAR fans throughout his career. Unfortunately for Hamlin, who was laps away from making the final four at Homestead last year, but eliminated thanks to a blown tire, an incident with another young star made him the poster boy for everything that was wrong with the sport.

With that being said, his incident at Martinsivlle, which involved Hamlin literally pushing Chase Elliott out of the way on the last lap to win the race, put him in a very bad place with fans. In fact, his actions were so downright deplorable that a drunken fan had somehow climbed over the catchphrase that separates drivers from the fans and tried to confront Hamlin on pit road.

Fast forwarding back to 2018 and Hamlin now finds himself embroiled in a feud with NASCAR’s newest commodity Darrell Wallace Jr. The incident, which supposedly occurred after Wallace Jr made contact with Hamlin and cut his tire, only got even more heated when Bubba Wallace Jr told reporters that Hamlin might be on Adderal. That statement was a reference to what Denny Hamlin joked about on a podcast and was later pulled into the hauler for.

“Let me clue the idiots on Twitter what I was pissed off about.,” Hamlin said in regards to why he pushed Wallace Jr into the wall after the race,” I had no issue with how the race ended. I was minding my own business on the bottom of the track and out of the blue I get ran into, my tire blown, and perfectly straight car destroyed. I’m good with all that.”

Then, I go do media and everything is fine, Hamlin explains in another tweet to his followers,” Then the last question is what was my response to what Bubba said. I had no issue until not only did he place blame on me but then went on to make personal comments about myself. I left the media center and saw Bubba 30 secs later.”

“Anyone who wouldn’t take offense to the stupid things that was said has absolutely no backbone. I have one, “Hamlin finally concluded after three tweets on the matter

In the end, its easy to see why Hamlin is upset with Wallace Jr, especially after he cut his tire down heading to the checkered flag, but that’s probably not going to be enough to save Hamlin from hate comments now that he was cuaght getting into it with a young driver a second time. Hopefully NASCAR fans can forgive and forget about the incident, but that probably won’t be good for NASCAR’s ratings.

With that being, here’s hoping that Hamlin and Bubba Wallace Jr meet again for round two in the coming weeks and are able to give fans the rivalry of the century!