Five NASCAR Stories You May Have Missed This Week

Dale Jr does something horrible to his wife!

Dale Earnhardt Jr is a very smart man.

Not only did the 14 time most popular driver leave the sport on his own terms, he also moved into running a Xfinity Series team, which seems to his strong suit! While that might be true, he apparentlyy wasn’t smart enough to leave his wife, Amy Earnhardt, who is now pregnant with their first child, the a container of ice cream. Mrs. Earnhardt wasn’t happy with being slighted by her husband, and sent him a twitter message while he was trying to The Olympics.

“Just opened the freezer to find that @DaleJr polished off my coconut almond gelato, WHICH he poo poo’d in the store. Wahhhhh!!!! Boy you’re lucky you’re halfway to Pyeong Chang!,Who eats a pregnant ladies ice cream?!!!”

What makes the situation even more funny is the fact that Jr was originally complaining about the ice cream that he decided to eat a whole container of before going to Pyeong Chang. I

Dale Jr hasn’t responded to his wife’s tweet as of this writing, but hopefully, it will be something very good and contain the words, i love you dear, at the end.

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