Five NASCAR Stories You May Have Missed This Week

NASCAR Veteran coming out of retirement for one more race?

Could it finally be happening?

Four time Cup Series champion, Jeff Gordon hasn’t turned a lap in a Cup Series car in over a year now and while he admits that he is happy in the booth, he also admitted during a question and answer setting that he would be open to climbing back behind the wheel under the right conditions. Of course Gordon ruled out the possibility of racing on intermediate or restrictor plate tracks, but said that short tracks are a completely different ballgame.

With that being said, Gordon told a fan during a question and answer session over the weekend that he would be open to racing at Martinsville in The Camping World Truck or Xfinity Series. Unfortunately for fans hoping to see this historic moment in history, no details have been given yet and its not known if Gordon has even talked to prospective teams about doing this, but its a very interesting idea when you consider Gordon’s history at the paper clip.

Not only does Jeff Gordon have nine victories at the paperclip including the final win of his illustrious Cup Series career, he also has the best average of any driver in Cup Series history! Sure, Gordon might trail Richard Petty by six victories on the all time win list at Martinsville, but its hard to argue that a lot of Gordon’s career is tied to the historic paper clip shape track as well.

What are your thoughts? Will Gordon come out of retirement for one more race at Martinsville? What other tracks would you like to see him come out of retirement for? Let us know in the comments below!

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