Five NASCAR Stories You May Have Missed This Week

Kevin Harvick issues huge warning about the future of the sport

Kevin Harvick is a smart man.

Not only was he, along with his team able to rocket around the competition lap after lap to win The Folds Of Honor 400 at Atlanta Motor Speedway, he also had some impactful words of wisdom to his Cup Series competitors as well. In fact, Harvick, who has made it a little bit of a trend this season to defend the younger crop of drivers that have entered the sport over the last couple of years, did so again during an interview on Sunday night.

“For me right now, the sport is what enthuses me,” Harvick said in Victory lane. “(It’s) very intriguing to me because there’s a lot of things that need some help and guidance with so many of the young guys coming up through the ranks, and there’s so much to learn. But we have to teach them about it. Jimmie Johnson and myself have talked about it.

“Look, we need to introduce new people and new stars in our sport,” Harvick continued,“I don’t have a message other than our sport is great. I love racing cars, and we have to have great competitors to make the diverse fan base have people to root for, and some people like calm, shy Ryan Blaney that knows a lot about the sport, or Chase Elliott, who’s been around racing and has those deep ties to NASCAR and the southern roots of our sport. Those guys are all important.

With that being said, his most noteworthy quote during the entire interview had to be when he started talking about how the veteran drivers need the young drivers in order to succeed and vise versa. While fans of their respective drivers probbaly don’t feel that way, especially since another driver gets in another’s way of being the best the sport has to offer, it also creates key rivalries that fuel the sport beyond what any one driver could.

“And when everybody realizes how important the young guys are to the old guys, and the tweeners have to do the same. Harvick said,There’s not one person. There’s no two young guys that are going to make it, there’s no two old guys that are going to make it. This is all about everybody.”

Think about it! Dale Earnhardt had Jeff Gordon, Richard Petty had Darrell Waltrip and Joey Logano had Tony Stewart! All three of these feuds elevated the sport in one way shape or form and made it better as a result. You could even go to the feuds of today like Brad Keselowski versus Jeff Gordon and Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott to see that rivalry and competition are what fuels the sport more then what any one driver could ever think of.

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