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Brad Keselowski caught complaining about younger drivers on Twitter.

The battle rages on between the veteran and rookie drivers and while some would hope that rivalry would stay confined to the track , it appears that not even social media is safe from the battlefield as well. With that being said, Brad Keselowski responded to a tweet about fellow driver, Erik Jones, doing a television spot for Discovery and he didn’t seem very happy with the opportunity the young driver was afforded.

“Interesting to see how times have changed. Keselowski tweeted in response to Erik Jone’s post , ” My second year in cup all the execs told us we could get help doing tv shows only after winning a championship.” While its completely obvious times have changed, especially with drivers like Darrell Wallace Jr getting their own mini documentary on Facebook, its still not nice to see a veteran driver upset with the incoming publicity the spot gives the sport.

Whether Brad Keselowski likes it or not, and its hard to tell if he does or not by his joking demeanor, this is publicity is actually good for the sport and could even result in more eyeballs paying attention on raceday. Sure, Brad Keselowski would probably want to be the one to help bring in the fans and turn them into lifelong fans, but NASCAR sees to want to focus on younger stars right now and that’s perfectly fine!

What’s not fine is sitting there complaining about not getting television roles instead of doing everything you can to push the sport forward. Unfortunately for those drivers that are more interested in complaining about the media rush towards younger drivers, it seems like the trend is here to stay and the veterans now need new to find news way to bring fans into the sport.

With that being said, of course NASCAR is going to go with younger stars over veterans! Its a natural cycle of life and is used as a way to get younger fans interested in the sport of NASCAR. That’s not to say that veterans don’t have their place, especially with the older generations of fans that still watch the sport every weekend, but in order to bring in a new demographic for NASCAR to capitalize on, they need to focus on younger stars right now.

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