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Five Controversial NASCAR Stories You May Have Missed This Week

What a week for Kevin Harvick and his time.

While that should be a good thing, especially since Kevin Harvick nabbed his second win in three weeks, and guaranteed himself a spot in the playoffs in the process, all of that has now been seemingly tainted by the fact that some people are accusing The Stewart Haas Racing team of cheating. With that being said and the mounting criticism encompassing Harvick’s team after the win, Harvick’s crew chief, Rodney Childers decided to speak out on the matter.

“Basically, we had a rear window brace fail, and NASCAR mandates that we run a certain T-bar in the back glass, and that T-bar is actually pretty strong,” Childers said when asked about the suspicious car part. “Then also over the winter they wanted the rear package to raise the bottom of the rear glass to be really stiff and stay controlled — there were some guys that were having their rear package trays falling an inch at the end of the year last year.

“The bottom of the glass got strengthened up and the T-bar is stiff, Childers continued, “and the center brace that holds that T-bar is what bent and failed and the T-bar ends up being stronger than the back of the roof at that point and then pulled the back of the roof down.”

Interestingly enough, Childers also talked about discussing the issue with NASCAR Officials, which means they are at least aware of the situation and have looked into it. Unfortunately for fans that think Harvick and his team were actually cheating, it appears that the issue is resolved and that Harvick will face no penalty for the controversial incident.

“I think the biggest thing is getting it fixed and making sure that it doesn’t happen again,” Childers said. “I think all the guys there, they understand aerodynamics and they understand what goes on. We all communicate and we try to do the right things. I think also my reputation over there is pretty good.”Like I said, it’s not something to be proud of. We’re proud of winning races and having fast cars. Whether a brace failed or not, we were going to win the other day. That’s really the whole story.”

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