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Five Controversial NASCAR Stories You May Have Missed This Week

Kevin Harvick has had a very difficult week after he and his team were penalized for the adjustment made to the bank window of his #4 Freaky Fast Ford and his words during an interview this week probably isn’t going to make things any better going forward. In fact, Harvick did seemingly the worst thing possible in the situation by blaming the fans for him getting penalized.

With that being said, its not like Kevin Harvick can’t be upset about the penalty, especially since it cos t him his car chief, some driver points and seven playoff points that could have helped in the off season, but he should have handled his anger more professionally. Unfortunately for the one time Cup Series Champion, he had this to say when asked about the fans commenting on his possible penalty after seeing the back window indented weirdly.

“The officials in the garage do a great job,” Harvick said. “It just feels like it is a micromanaged situation from above what these guys do in the garage, to appease people sitting on social media and trying to officiate a sporting event instead of letting these guys in the garage do what they do and do a great job with it week in and week out. That is the frustrating part.”

Again, its fine that Harvick is angry about the situation, but to sit and blame the fans seems like a very villain like thing to do. In fact, it in a way feels like Harvick, who won his second race of the season last week at Las Vegas, is blaming NASCAR fans for bringing it to officials attention and demanding action on the matter. Of course fans don’t have the right to police NASCAR and i’m not arguing for that, but at least allow them to voice their concerns.

In the end, NASCAR fans are at a position in their relationship with the sport where they feel disenfranchised wit the current product and wanting a change. Another thing they want to see is all the drivers racing heads up to the best of their ability, which doesn’t work if one driver has an unknown back window adjustment that gives them an aerodynamic advantage.

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