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Five Controversial NASCAR Stories You May Have Missed This Week

Who knew Kyle Busch could hold his temper.

While Busch was somehow able to hold his notitoruis temper to an even keel after coming up short for the second week in a row to Kevin Harvick, he did admit that Harvick’s dominance on the track was starting to become frustrating to watch. Not only that, it also comes after Toyota remains the only NASCAR manufactor without a trip to victory lane this year.

With that being said and Harvick pulling of the historic three peat at Pheonix this weekend, its understandable to see why Kyle Busch and several other drivers are frustrated with Harvick’s dominance so early on in the season. Furthermore, Chevy and Toyota drivers are both probably frustrated that they are struggling to put wins on the board compared to their Ford counterparts.

Of course this did get much better for Chevrolet this week with Chase Elliott finishing third for his team and giving Hendrick their best finish of the entire season so far. Unfortunately for Toyota however, they now find themselves behind the eight ball win wise, but somehow managed to bring home five Toyota’s in the top-ten, three of those cars finishing in the top five.

In the end, it will be pretty interesting to see what Busch and other drivers do to try to knock Harvick off his game to get their own first victory of the season, but one has to wonder how far the other drivers will have to go in order to achieve that. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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