Five NASCAR News Stories Fans Need To Know about!

#1 Martin Truex Jr’s future at FRR revealed?

Where will Martin Truex Jr go in 2019?

While the answer to that question looked to be difficult to answer over the past few weeks, especially with news of Toyota not renewing their partnership with FRR yet and loss of their longtime sponsor, Five hour energy, things now look to be back on track now that a report claims that Truex Jr will ultimately resign with the team that won him a championship.

According to multiple sources that talked with  about Truex Jr’s future in the #78 Toyota ,”Furniture Row Racing is increasingly confident that it will be able to renew its deals with driver Martin Truex Jr. and engine manufacturer Toyota for the 2019 NASCAR Cup Series season.

Furthermore, the report posted on Sportsbussinessdaily also claims that” Furniture Row Racing “has been actively pitching sponsors on joining or stepping up with the team next year.” Team owner Barney Visser had has made it clear that he doesn’t want to dip into his own money to sponsor the team anymore.”

With that being said, its will be interesting to see if Furniture Row racing can find a sponsor for Martin Truex Jr before the 2019 and what Truex Jr’s long term plan will be with the team going forward. Of course Truex Jr and Barney visser have said in multiple interviews that they want to stay committed to each other, that might be hard to do if Truex Jr doesn’t bring the sponsors in.





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