Five NASCAR Drivers That Won’t Last Much Longer In The Cup Series And Five That Will

Wont: Denny Hamlin.

If Daniel Suarez’s career is over after only two sub par season’s, than Denny Hamlin must be next in line to get the boot from Joe Gibbs. In fact, between not winning in 2018 and being knocked out of the playoffs after only the first round, Hamlin might want to consider outright retirement instead of watching his numbers continue to fall.

Then again, Hamlin will likely stay in The Cup Series as long as FedEX continues to sponsor him, which could be awhile given how long the two have been together. Hamlin could also take Fedex with him to another team, but once he leaves his long time ride at Gibbs, its going to be very hard to build up that kind favor with another team.

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