Five NASCAR Drivers That Won’t Last Much Longer In The Cup Series And Five That Will

Will: Aric Almirola.

Aric Almirola may have not captured a win yet, but racing for a new team is already paying dividends for the driver. Not only is that evident by the fact that Almiriola made the playoffs for the this season, which was the first time in a multiple years that he had done son, he also made it into the second round of the postseason and has a series chance of making the final four.

Of course he might not win it all in 2018, but this is at least a strong start towards a better future for the entire team. Think about it! Almirola went from the guy in the back of the back to the guy that almost won The Daytona 500 and several other races this season. If nothing else, his stock is going way up and that’s going to lead to him staying in the series for awhile.

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