Five NASCAR Drivers That Won’t Last Much Longer In The Cup Series And Five That Will

Will: Chase ElliottĀ 

Chase Elliott is the future of NASCAR

He’s already beloved by a majority of fans after only three seasons in The Cup Series, he nabbed two wins this season and he continues to be the only real playoff threat that Chevrolet has. Beyond all that, Elliott also has a radiant personality that helps bring young fans back ot the sport in big numbers.

As if that wasn’t enough to have guarantee yourself a ride for awhile, he has already signed a contract extension with Hendrick Motorsports that will see him with the organization for multiple years! Furthermore, he continues to extend sponsorship deals with NAPA, Hooters and several other organizations, which is only going to make the kid even more lucrative to the sport.

In the end, getting rid of Chase Elliott would be like Richard Childress giving up on Dale Earnhardt or Rick Hendrick giving up on Jeff Gordon. Its just not going to happen and the kid is going to have a pretty permanent spot in the #9 Chevrolet!



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