Five NASCAR Drivers That Will Lose Their Ride At The End Of The Season

#3 Denny Hamlin

What has Denny Hamlin even done lately?

Sure, The JGR driver made it  to the playoffs this season, even making it to the second round before being eliminated, but that doesn’t mean he has been having great performances lately. In fact, he seems to be falling off statically in the same way that Jimmie Johnson has been doing lately, which is a good indicator of him not being at JGR much longer.

Beyond that, Hamlin has so far gone winless in 2018 and only has a short amount of time left to change that fact. In the end, some are reporting that Coach Gibbs will ultimately oust Daniel Suárez in favor of Martin Truex Jr at the end of the season, but it would be probably be a much better idea to get rid of Hamlin first and give Suarez at least another year.

At least that way, JGR can give Suarez another year or two to develop and prove himself  in the Cup Series while also bringing Martin Truex Jr into the fold.. If nothing else, a line up of Kyle Busch, Martin Truex Jr, Erik Jones and Daniel Suarez would really be a powerhouse going forward  and would remove the dead weight of Hamlin the process.

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