Five NASCAR Drivers That Have Been Disappointing To Watch In 2018

#2 Chase Elliott.

While Chase Elliott might be one of the front runners at Hendrick Motorsports right now, but still finds himself only 13th in the points and in serious danger of not making The playoffs. Elliott has also yet to win a Cup Series race, which has to make one how long he would last in the playoffs if he did somehow squeak in the postseason this year.

On the upside, Elliott does have 3 top-fives and 6 top-tens, which is at least some sign that The Former Xfinity Series champion can remain consistent at The Cup level, but that is far overshadowed by the fact that he hasn’t won yet. In fact, one has to wonder if Elliott will ever get things together or be one of the biggest busts in NASCAR history.

With that being said, Elliott is a very consistent driver and someone that really bring home the car with a good finish, but that’s not what NASCAR’s about anymore. Unfortunately for Elliott, NASCAR hasn’t favored consistency on the race track in a long time now and seems to car more about winning then anything else.

Maybe that’s the reason Elliott isn’t living up to his full potential and maybe its not, but its at least something that starts to explain the problems he has been having this season and throughout his entire career at The Cup level

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