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Five NASCAR Drivers That Give The Sport A Bad Name

#1 Tony Stewart

Tony Stewart might be one of the greatest men to ever strap into a stock car, but that doesn’t excuse what he has done in his personal life. With that being said, his involvement in the death of Kevin Ward Jr is something that will always leave a black mark on his career and life. Unfortunately for Stewart, this is likely going to continue to follow him, which will only hurt his name and that of NASCAR’s

In the end, Tony Stewart has done a lot for the sport of NASCAR, but he’s also done a lot of bad things. Beyond the Kevin Ward Jr incident, he has been known for his temper, attacking other drivers and settling things on the track. Of course that’s what a lot of fans liked about Stewart during his career, but it also is what got him in trouble in his personal life.

That’s why he leaves a black mark on the sport and thus shouldn’t be given the legendary status that many have heralded upon him. He is a phenomenal driver and very successful team owner, but that will never excuse the actions of taking someone else life and putting others in danger countless times through his career.





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