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Five NASCAR Drivers That Give The Sport A Bad Name

#5 Danica Patrick

Let’s start with a relatively easy target.

While Danica Patrick’s time in auto racing is commendable and indicative of what women can do in Motorsports, she is also someone who has always seemed to have a bad attitude. I remember watching her during a few Indycar races and she seemed absolutely enraged almost every time she appeared on camera.

Her in car auto was beyond deplorable, her re pore with fans wasn’t much better and she always seemed to be more interested in herself than anything else. In fact, some even accuse her of announcing that she would run The Daytona 500 without even having a ride at the time. She then continued to make everything about her during her retirement tour and not the final two events she was racing in.

In the end, she just never seemed to have the same respect for the sport that other drivers did. She always seemed angry or even like she deserved better. She also just seemed to constantly make it all about her, which made things even worse. Again, that doesn’t mean her contributions to Motorsports isn’t important, and deserving of praise, but she definitely has a few black marks on her record as well.

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