Five NASCAR Drivers That Could Replace Kurt Busch AT SHR in 2019

#1 Christopher Bell

Its a big what if, but what if SHR could actually steal Christopher bell right out from under Joe Gibbs Racing and Toyota? Furthermore, what if they could make him a champion in the process? Not only woudl that be a huge blow to grooming that Toyota, JGR and KBM have been doing with Bell for years now, it also could serve to finally tip the scales in Ford’s favor performance wise.

Its a lot to ask of one of NASCAR’s young stars, but if anyone could do it, its Christopher Bell. Think about it! He has already won multiple Xfinity Series races this season and is even the points leader at the time of this writing. If nothing else, he is one of the future stars of the sport and he’s right there for the taking if Stewart Haas Racing wants him.



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