Five NASCAR Drivers That Could Replace Kurt Busch AT SHR in 2019


All eyes are on Kurt Busch right now.

While most of that attention has been positive, especially since Busch is in the top five right now and pretty much guaranteed a spot in the playoffs, he is also recieving  attention for the fact that he apparently hasn’t signed a new deal yet. Furthermore, he is getting attention due to rumors of him replacing Jamie McMurray next season.

With that being said and the possibility of a seat opening up in the #41, one has to wonder who would replace Busch if this change were to happen. Again, its not exactly known if Busch will leave SHR next season or even if the rumor of him going to Chip Gannasi Racing is true, but what if it does actually happen? Who would get the coveted ride.

Here are five candidates to fill that role! Enjoy!

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