Five NASCAR Drivers That Aren’t Worth Rooting For in 2019

#1 Daniel Suarez

Act surprised if you want, but Daniel Saurez is the driver most in danger of being doomed to fail in 2019. Not only is that obvious from his pitiful performances at JGR the last two seasons, but also the scathing interview he gave about his time there after his release.

If nothing else, Saurez doesn’t seem to be able to take responsibility for his part in his performance. Beyond that, he is going to have to deal with some growing pains when moving from Toyota to Ford, which is also going to take some time to get used to.

With that being said, the problem with Daniel Saurez is simple. He honestly just hasn’t had the performance to back up his words. He also got in sponsorship trouble during his time at JGR, which is another reason why he should be considered damaged goods at this point in his career.

Whether it was the equipment and the changes at JGR that made Saurez unsuccessful remains to seen, but it seems much more likely that he just didn’t have the talent to fill the seat. In fact, with four top-fives 21 top-tens and one pole to his name, the answer is obvious.

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