Five NASCAR Drivers That Aren’t Worth Rooting For in 2019

#3 Kurt Busch

Speaking of Chip Gannassi Racing and their performance woes, they now bring Kurt Busch into the fold, which seems to be a step down for the former Cup Series champion. In fact, with Jamie McMurray’s 20th place finish last season, 2019 might be a struggle for Busch

Beyond that, Busch has suffered a drop in performance over the course of the last few years and it doesn’t seem like a new ride is going to help that. Beyond all that, it will be his first time in a Chevrolet in several years, which is yet another strike against him.

In the end, maybe this is an unfair assessment due to fans probably not considering him a legitimate contender in his new ride, but it still feels right to warn them to not get their hopes up too high for Busch in 2019

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