Five NASCAR Drivers That Aren’t Worth Rooting For in 2019

#4 Kyle Larson

Another driver that is most likely doomed to struggle is non other that Kyle Larson. Of course some might believe his slump was last season, there really isn’t anything that shows he and his team can improve heading into the 2019 season.

Think about it! Kurt Busch will be his new teammate and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, he now has to get used to driving a Chevrolet again. Furthermore, Chevrolet is still dealing with speed and handing issues, which could also be a huge obstacle for Larson.

Who knows! Maybe Larson will be able to exceed expectations and use his skills on restarts to win him a couple of races next season. Maybe he will also be able to finish consistently enough to make The Playoffs, but its impossible to see him making it past the first round with all the obstacles that are blocking his way right now.

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