Five NASCAR Drivers That Aren’t Worth Rooting For in 2019

Let’s be honest here.

Having a bad season in NASCAR happens all the time and while some drivers are able to avoid this occasional slump and go on to shine, others seem to fall into it continuously. With that in mind in another NASCAR season almost upon us, who is and isn’t worth rooting for?

While that might sound like a hard question to answer, especially since no drivers haven’t even hit the track for speedweeks yet, there are certain factors that can point to a bad season ahead. Furthermore, there is always a driver’s previous performance to go off of, which also plays a role.

All in all, here are five drivers that aren’t worth rooting for in 2019 and why. As always let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to let us know who you believe will have a bad season. Also be sure to tell us who you think will have a great season as well.

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