Five NASCAR Drivers That Are The Future Of The Sport and Five Who Aren’t

Aren’t: Alex Bowman

Do not be deceitful Alex Bowman is a false prophet that will only lead his followers to the pits of hell if they fall for his tricks. OK, its not exactly that bad and Alex Bowman will probably win a few Cup races before his career ends, but fans are lying to themselves if they think this little punk kid is going to be able to live up the hype that the media and Dale Earnhardt Jr are putting behind him.

Not only that, his career has been sub par at best and probably wont get any better with a team that has struggled to find victory lane in the past two years. Maybe things will change for him like they eventually did with Joey Logano after he left JGR, but he is not the future of NASCAR in his current shape or form. Disagree? Let me know in the comments below!

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