Five NASCAR Drivers That Are The Future Of The Sport and Five Who Aren’t

Aren’t: Ricky Stehouse Jr

Ricky Stenhouse Jr might have nabbed two restrictor plate wins in 2017 and qualified for the playoffs in the process, but he is arguably one of the biggest one trick ponies on this list. Sure, three wins is nothing to bat an eye at, especially at tracks as luck based as Talladega and Daytona, but Stenhouse has yet to win on flat or short tracks, which points to the fact that he may just not be skileld enough to do so.

Then again, he might not be in the right equipment  and could have to leave Roush Fenway Racing to finally be capable of getting another win in under his belt and closer to a  championship. In the end, and the fact that Stenhouse Jr is currently seen as the future of RFR, its very unlikely that he is going to leave for greener pastures anytime soon.

Unfortunately for fans of Ricky Stenhouse Jr, that will probably prevent him from being the future of NASCAR anytime soon.

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