Five NASCAR Drivers That Are The Future Of The Sport and Five Who Aren’t

Aren’t: Darrel Wallace Jr

In what has to be one of the biggest tragedies in modern day NASCAR  history, it looks like Darrell Wallace Jr’s heritage is going to also keep him from being the future of the sport. Sure, he’ll have a fan base and he might even win a few races before things are over, but he is not going to be someone that NASCAR fans are going to accept with open arms.

Again, that’s what’s so mind boggling about NASCAR fans. They have a chance to embrace a very progressive future for the sport and they still wont touch it for some reason. Not only that, he is also a driver that could get it doen behind the wheel if given the right equipment and could very way move up into the upper tier  of the sport if fans would let him.

Unfortunately for Bubba Wallace Jr and anyone that wants to see this rising star succeed, its going to be a long arduous road to get there and his heritage is going to hamper him along the way.

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