Five NASCAR Drivers That Are The Future Of The Sport and Five Who Aren’t

Are: William Byron

William Byron is the future of NASCAR and that’s a very good thing.

Not only is this young kid dominant is the same way that Dale Earnhardt, Jeff Gordon and Richard Petty were, especially after winning a Xfinity Series title in his first season and four races a long the way, he is also the driver that has been endorsed the most by veteran drivers. In fact, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and countless others have thrown their support behind the rookie. Hell, even Rick Hendrick is hot on this guy

Byron is also one of the most humble drivers in NASCAR today, which is only going to add to his popularity with fans and his marketability with sponsors. In the end, Byron might have some growing pains along the way  and he might hit a brick wall for a year or two while he tries to hone his skills inside a Cup car, but when it does finally happen and Byron does finally ascend to the top, its going to be worth it!

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